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Anglesey Summer, An - Margaret Hughes

Anglesey Summer, An - Margaret Hughes

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Dyma lyfr sy'n nodi atyniadau sydd gan Ynys Môn i'w cynnig dros wyliau'r haf.

English Description: Summertime on Anglesey offers many attractions. The coastal and inland scenery is a spectacular backdrop to water sports, village events, walking tours and the island's heritage celebrations. John C. Davies, a retired photographer from Holyhead, and Margaret Hughes, a retired journalist from Llanfairpwll, have captured the colour and the vitality of an Anglesey summer.

ISBN: 9781845241520

Awdur/Author: Margaret Hughes

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Llygad Gwalch Cyf

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2009-07-14

Tudalennau/Pages: 128

Iaith/Language: EN

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