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Asterix Agus Cleopatra René Goscinny

Product Description

ISBN: 9781906587765 (1906587760)
Publication Date 12 December 2018
Publisher: Dalen (Llyfrau) Cyf, Tresaith
Illustrated by Albert Uderzo
Adapted/Translated by Raghnaid Sandilands.
Format: Paperback, 287x218 mm, 48 pages
Language: Other

To prove that Egypt is still a great nation, Cleopatra will build Caesar a palace within three months, and orders her best architect, Donidotamun, to get the job done - but he needs help from Asterix, Obelix and Oghamaix. The Gauls head for Egypt... where the queen's pretty nose leaves its mark on them, and they leave their mark on the Sphinx!

Er mwyn profi bod ysblander yr Aifft yn fyw ac yn iach, mae Cleopatra am adeiladu palas ar gyfer Cesar o fewn tri mis. Ei phensaer Todanjeris sy'n gorfod gwneud y gwaith - ond mae angen help Asterix, Obelix a Gwyddoniadix i ddod â'r maen i'r wal. Yn yr Aifft, mae trwyn Cleopatra yn gadael ei ôl ar y Galiaid - a hwythe'n gadael eu hôl ar y Sffincs!

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