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Bob O'Chwith - Siop y Pethe
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Bob O'Chwith - Siop y Pethe

Bob O'Chwith

Bob O'Chwith is quite a character. He is not quite like you and me. To tell the truth, he is very different to everyone else. He would rather walk everywhere backwards, wear his underpants outside his trousers and eat his breakfast before going to bed at night. Yes, Bob O'Chwith does everything the wrong way round.

Un digri ydi Bob O'Chwith. Dydi o ddim cweit fel chi a fi. A dweud y gwir, mae o'n wahanol iawn i bawb arall. Mae'n well gan Bob gerdded tuag yn ôl i bobman, gwisgo'i drôns y tu allan i'w drowsus a bwyta brecwast cyn mynd i gysgu gyda'r nos. Ydi, mae Bob O'Chwith yn gwneud pob dim o chwith!
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