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Cyfres Bananas Gwyrdd: Trychinebau Deinosoriaid Kate Agnew

Cyfres Bananas Gwyrdd: Trychinebau Deinosoriaid Kate Agnew

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ISBN: 9781784230746 Publication Date March 2017
Publisher: Dref Wen, Cardiff
Illustrated by Anna JonesAdapted/Translated by Elin Meek.Format: Paperback, 210x147 mm, 48 pages
Language: Welsh

A fun and lively dinosaur story for children learning to read, with dinosaur pictures to colour. Sam and Rosa see some dinosaur eggs on their visit to the museum, but there's always a dinosaur disaster waiting to happen! A Welsh adaptation of Dinosaur Disasters by Elin Meek.

Stori hwyliog am ddeinosoriaid ar gyfer plant sy'n dechrau dysgu darllen, ynghyd â chyfle i liwio'r creaduriaid mawr. Mae Sam a Rosa yn gweld wyau deinosor yn yr amgueddfa, ond tybed a oes trychineb ar fin digwydd? Addasiad Cymraeg o Dinosaur Disasters gan Elin Meek.
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