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Gwibdaith Hen Frân - Yn Ôl ar y Ffordd

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  • Product ID : Rasal CD035
  • Label: Rasal
  • Genre: Folk
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2013

GHF’s fans from all parts of Wales will be dancing in the streets as their latest album ‘Yn ôl ar y ffordd’ hits the shops – full of zany humour, telling the tales of rural characters, and the personal stories of the five members of this unique band.

There have been personnel changes – Paul Thomas and Robi Buckley have left and Ieuan Williamson, Gary Richardson and Justin Davies have stepped into the breach. Phil explains that this is part of the reason for the new album:

“We were very keen to make a new album to keep the momentum going, and to prove that our unique style is alive and well”. And ‘Yn ôl ar y Ffordd’ certainly does that, filled to the brim with their clever catchphrases and quirky humour, and fun songs to warm the heart like their tribute to “Balŵ”, the Welsh version of the lovable Jungle Book character. And all to the lively sound which we have come to associate with Gwibdaith – an astonishing mixture of folk, indie, folk-rock, country and bluegrass.
The band have invited musical guests to add to their own talents – Jenn Williams on fiddle, and Edwin Humphreys on sax, horn, clarinet and tuba.

But although the bands have kept true to their own style, the new members have naturally brought their own respective elements to this album. For the first time, there is a track in English, as Gary pays homage to George Formby and George Harrison with Mrs. Wu. Phil explains further ” There is a wide range of songs on this album, and although we have kept true to our own brand, and kept close to the style of our first album Cedors Hen Wrach, new branches have grown on the tree, and the band shows that it is still evolving”.

So three years after their last album Llechan Wlyb, Gwibdaith prove that they are definitely “back on the road”, and look forward to touring Wales with their new songs over the next months, and hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces in these dire times.


Track Listing

  1.   Yn ôl ar y Ffordd
  2.   Byd yn dy Law
  3.   Yr Un Lle
  4.   Neid i Fewn
  5.   Balŵ
  6.   Wastio Awr
  7.   Mrs Wu
  8.   Ar y Wagan
  9.   Talcen Hefin Pritchard
  10.   Cariad, Gonestrwydd a Pharch
  11.   Haul, Haul, Haul
  12.   Cae Tatws
  13.   Wil yn ei Wely
  14.   Meicrowêf
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