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Move over Darling - Christine Stovell

Move over Darling - Christine Stovell

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Nofel wedi'i gosod yng Nghymru ac Efrog Newydd.

English Description: A novel set in Wales and New York. Coralie Casey is haunted by her past. Deciding it's time for a fresh start, she sets up 'Sweet Cleans', a range of natural beauty and cleaning products, and escapes to Penmorfa, a quiet coastal village in west Wales. Gethin Lewis thinks he's about to put his home village Penmorfa behind him for good.

ISBN: 9781906931650

Awdur/Author: Christine Stovell

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Choc Lit

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2013-03-05

Tudalennau/Pages: 314

Iaith/Language: EN

Argaeledd/Availability: Available

Cyfnod Allweddol/Key Stage: X

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