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Nostos Aled Jones Williams

Nostos Aled Jones Williams

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ISBN: 9781845276560Publication Date July 2018
Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, Llanrwst
Format: Paperback, 198x128 mm, 160 pages Language: Welsh

The meaning of the Greek word 'nostos' is a poem describing the journey of one who is returning home. The greatest example, of course, is 'Ulysses'. This is the essence of Nostos, a woman returning to her home town after years of absence and the loss of her son. It is a journey of self-discovery.

Ystyr y gair Groegaidd 'nostos' yw cerdd sy'n disgrifio taith un yn dychwelyd adref. Yr enghraifft fawr, wrth reswm, yw 'Ulysses'. Hyn yw craidd Nostos, gwraig yn dychwelyd i'w hen dref wedi blynyddoedd o absenoldeb ac ar ôl iddi golli ei mab. Taith o hunan-ddarganfod yw hi.
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