Olew Satin Sleep Bonet - Siop y Pethe
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Olew Satin Sleep Bonet - Siop y Pethe

Olew Satin Sleep Bonet


Protect your hair overnight and wake up to more perfect curls thanks to the Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet.

This chic gold and champagne beige satin lined bonnet, not only feels super comfy, but comes with a draw string adjuster for a better fit ensuring it doesn't come loose during the night. 

Feel the difference when you wake up to fresher and less frizzy curls, retaining more hair moisture overnight to keep your locks hydrated, speeding up your morning hair routine. Fully reversible in two chic colours.

  • Luxurious satin lining helps reduce your hair frizz while you sleep
  • Features a new draw string adjuster to make sure the bonnet doesn't come loose
  • Olew bonnets are fully reversible in gold and champagne beige. Great value 2-in-1
  • Available in one comfy size for all curly locks 
  • Delivery is standard £3.95, with FREE delivery for all orders over £75