Plu - Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig - Siop y Pethe
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Plu - Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig - Siop y Pethe

Plu - Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig

  • Product ID : Sain SCD2716
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Children
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2014

‘Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig’ is the second album from Plu, the alternative folk trio from Snowdonia, North Wales. It contains 15 songs with a mixture of original, traditional songs and new versions of Welsh children’s classics from Wales all on the theme of animals.

The two sisters and brother, Elan, Marged and Gwilym Rhys, sing in three part harmony with influences of country songs and Americana obvious in their songs. Since forming in 2012 and releasing their first album ‘Plu’ in July 2013 the young band have enjoyed considerable attention. Over the last year they have performed in the international festival Womex and in several Welsh festivals – Gwyl Gwydir, Festival No 6, Gwyl Dinefwr – opportunities that became available from being chosen as one of the bands on the Horizons BBC Wales project.

As well as old favourites such as ‘Triawd y buarth’ and ‘Mam wnaeth gôt i mi’ the album contains new melodies – ‘Ar Garlam’ and ‘Wyt ti’n un o’n teulu ni?’ based on a poem by Myrdding ap Dafydd.

Track Listing

  1.   Wyt ti'n Un o'n Teulu Ni?
  2.   Ar Garlam
  3.   Llwynog Coch sy'n Cysgu
  4.   Hen Frân Fawr Ddu
  5.   Triawd y Buarth
  6.   Cân y Gaeafgwsg
  7.   Y Pry Bach a'r Eliffant Mawr
  8.   Cân Melangell
  9.   Poli Parot Taid
  10.   Mam Wnaeth Gôt i Mi
  11.   Milgi, Milgi
  12.   Tri Mochyn Bach
  13.   Un o Fy Mrodyr i
  14.   Diwrnod Cynta'r Gwanwyn
  15.   Nos Da Nawr
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