Robin Huw Bowen - Y Ffordd i Aberystwyth / The Road to Aberystwyth

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  • Product ID : Sain SCD2526
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Harp
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2007

Farewell the National Library, the trolley and the stack,
Farewell to all you archivists, I’m shouldering my pack:
I’m leaving dusty volumes, my harpstrings are now set,
Across the World I’ll sing for Wales, and never will regret!
RHB, Christmas 1986 (with apologies to Frank Hennessey).
Yes indeed, it was Christmas 1986 when I gave up gainful employment at our National Library… to be happy. A desk job amongst sleepy archives just didn’t suit this restless romantic. But who would have thought then that life ‘on-the-road’ would take me so far…? In and out of the airports of North America, back and forth along the motorways of Europe, or across the wide red lands of Australia under her broad blue skies, even right around the world once… and all of it with a six-foot Welsh Triple Harp in tow!
On reaching such a special milestone on such a journey, one does indeed look back, to marvel, but also to reflect with nostalgia when one realizes there’s no real turning back. Despite the troubles, losses, and negative things that have crossed my path over the years, many, many more good and wonderful things have come my way, and my life has been the richer for them.
This CD is therefore a celebration, and a totally deliberately joyous one. But I’m sure though you will forgive me for being a little self-indulgent with some things. I have revisited several melodies from my previous recordings, some of them (like the Gipsy music from Eldra Jarman) in the light of further research, and others (like ‘Jigiau Crasdant’ and ‘The Llannerch-y-medd Hunt’) I’ve only previously recorded in a band.
I have also taken the very personal step of dedicating not just the album itself, but each individual track to various people who for many and different reasons have played some part along the way. Here’s to you all, and to the next twenty years. Onwards and upwards!
For Wales, 
Robin Huw Bowen ‘Telynor Cymru II’, Aberystwyth 2007

Track Listing

  1.   Helfa'r Draenog / The Hedgehog Hunt
  2.   Set Napoleon / Napoleonic Set
  3.   Pibddawnsiau Sipsi / Gipsy Hornpipes
  4.   Cig a Chwrw / Meat and Ale
  5.   Mympwyon / Whims
  6.   Cogau Meirion / The Meirionnydd Cuckoos
  7.   Hoff Jigiau / Favourite Jigs
  8.   Waltsiau Sipsi / Gipsy Waltzes
  9.   Abergenni
  10.   Alabaina Wood
  11.   Jig y Doethion / The Magi Jig
  12.   Miniwéts Meirionnydd / The Meirionnydd Minuets
  13.   Jigiau Crasdant / Crasdant Jigs
  14.   Pibddawnsiau Fflash / Flash Hornpipes
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