Cyfres Rwdlan: 16. 'Sbector Sbectol - Siop y Pethe
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Cyfres Rwdlan: 16. 'Sbector Sbectol - Siop y Pethe

Cyfres Rwdlan: 16. 'Sbector Sbectol

Rala Rwdins and Dewin Doeth are fed up of Rwdlan and Dewin Dwl's mess and decide to clean it up. But things go missing and Sbector Sbectol, the strange detective, is trying to discover the thief. Another amusing story by Angharad Tomos suitable for children under the age of 7.

Mae Rala Rwdins a'r Dewin Doeth wedi cael llond bol ar lanast Rwdlan a'r Dewin Dwl ac yn penderfynu ei dacluso. Ond mae pethau'n mynd ar goll ac mae 'Sbector Sbectol, y ditectif rhyfedd, yn ceisio darganfod pwy yw'r lleidr. Stori hyfryd arall gan Angharad Tomos i blant dan 7 oed.
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