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Tag - Michael Coleman

Product Description

ISBN: 9781904357247 Publication Date November 2010
Publisher: Rily, Hengoed
Adapted/Translated by Elin Meek.Suitable for age 12+ or Key Stage 3 Format: Paperback, 200x129 mm, 192 pages
Language: Welsh

It all started as a laugh, another of Motto's games. I only went along to help him out. I mean, that's what friends are for, isn't it? Then we tangled with the Sun Crew. Suddenly, I didn't have a friend. And the laughing stopped. A Welsh adaptation of Tag.

Dim ond sbort oedd e ar y dechrau, un arall o gemau Motto. Wnes i ond cytuno er mwyn ei helpu. Wedi'r cwbwl, dyna ddiben ffrindiau, onide? Dechreuon ni gymysgu gyda'r 'Sun Crew'. Yn fuan wedyn, doedd gen i ddim ffrind. Ac fe beidiodd y chwerthin.
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