Wales and the British Overseas Empire
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Wales and the British Overseas Empire

Wales and the British Overseas Empire


Casgliad o ysgrifau'n edrych ar y berthynas rhwng Cymru a'r ymerodraeth Brydeinig rhwng 1650 ac 1830. Y cyfrannwyr yw Neil Evans, Chris Evans, Martyn J. Powell, David Ceri Jones, Trevor Burnard, Andrew Mackillop, a H. V. Bowen.

English Description: This unique collection of essays examines the many relationships that existed between Wales and the expanding British overseas empire between 1650 and1830. It is the first book to be published on the subject. Written by leading specialists in the field, the essays explore economic, social, cultural, political, and religious interactions between Wales and the empire.

ISBN: 9780719086205

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Manchester University Press

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2012-05-08

Tudalennau/Pages: 0

Iaith/Language: EN

Argaeledd/Availability: Available

Cyfnod Allweddol/Key Stage: X

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