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Angus the Robin - Molly Arbuthnott (Hardback)

Angus the Robin - Molly Arbuthnott (Hardback)

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English Description: Robin is a fairly ordinary robin. He eats, sleeps and sometimes catches a worm. But, one day, he meets an old man and Robin makes a new friend, a friend with birdseed! One day his friend does not turn up and Robin hatches a plan to find out why. A story about hope and the power of simple gestures; simple gestures that mean the world.

ISBN: 9781912535729

Awdur/Author: Molly Arbuthnott

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Candy Jar Books

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2020-02-19

Tudalennau/Pages: 17

Iaith/Language: EN

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