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Asterix a'r Cryman Aur

Asterix a'r Cryman Aur

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ISBN: 9781906587420Publication Date December 2014
Publisher: Dalen, Tresaith
Illustrated by Albert UderzoAdapted/Translated by Alun Ceri Jones.Suitable for age 9-11+ or Key Stage 2/3 Format: Paperback, 286x217 mm, 48 pages Language: Welsh


Disaster strikes Asterix's village - the druid Gwyddoniadix has broken his magical golden sickle! Asterix and Obelix head to far away Lutetia to buy a new sickle from Torchillewix, the best sickle-smith in all of Gaul. But Torchillewix has gone missing ... will our heroes manage to find him and return home with a new golden sickle for Gwyddoniadix?

Mae'n argyfwng ym mhentre'r Galiaid! Mae Gwyddoniadix wedi torri ei gryman aur llawn hud! Dyma Asterix ac Obelix felly yn troi am ddinas Lwtetia i brynu cryman newydd o weithdy Torchillewix. Ond mae Torchillewix wedi diflannu, ac yn wyneb masnachwyr y farchnad ddu, tybed ddaw ein harwyr o hyd iddo, a sicrhau cryman aur newydd sbon i Gwyddoniadix?

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