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Asterix a'r Snichyn

Asterix a'r Snichyn

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ISBN: 9781906587413Publication Date December 2014
Publisher: Dalen, Tresaith
Illustrated by Albert UderzoAdapted/Translated by Alun Ceri Jones.Suitable for age 9-11+ or Key Stage 2/3 Format: Paperback, 287x218 mm, 48 pages Language: Welsh


The Senate in Rome is seething and demands that Caesar bring the irritating Gauls of Asterix's village to heel. Caesar is helped by Mìrùnus Gamhlus, a nasty piece of work who turns the contented life of the Gaulish village into a quagmire of jealousy, using their magic potion to his own sneaky end ... and that's when the Romans decide to attack!

Antur arall ym mywyd Asterix, y Galiad enwog. Y tro hwn mae brawdgarwch Asterix a'i gydwladwyr yn drech na chynllun Cesar a'i Senedd i'w dofi, a hynny er gwaethaf cynllwynion creulon Mìrùnus Gamhlus i greu rhwygiadau ymhlith y Galiaid.

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