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Cyngor Llyfrau

Chwedlau Chwim: Dic Penderyn Meinir Wyn Edwards

Chwedlau Chwim: Dic Penderyn Meinir Wyn Edwards

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ISBN: 9781847710062 Publication Date January 2008
Publisher: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont
Illustrated by Gini WadeSuitable for age 7-9 or Key Stage 2 Format: Paperback, 148x148 mm, 24 pages
Language: Welsh

This is the third tale in the series of 5 books, aimed at children aged 7-9 years who are able to read independently. The story of Dic Penderyn. He became a hero for the people of Merthyr during the riots there. What happened to him after he was accused of assaulting the soldier Donald Black? Was he falsely accused?

Dyma'r drydedd chwedl mewn cyfres o 5 llyfr, wedi eu hanelu at blant 7-9 oed sy'n medru darllen yn annibynnol. Stori Dic Penderyn. Daeth yn arwr i bobl Merthyr yn ystod y terfysgoedd gwaedlyd yno. Beth ddigwyddodd iddo ar ôl gael ei gyhuddo o drywanu'r milwr Donald Black yn ei goes? A gafodd fai ar gam?
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