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Cyfres Anturiaethau Tintin: Y Glust Glec Hergé

Cyfres Anturiaethau Tintin: Y Glust Glec Hergé

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ISBN: 9781906587291 Publication Date March 2013
Publisher: Dalen, Tresaith
Adapted/Translated by Dafydd Jones.Suitable for age 9-11+ or Key Stage 2 Format: Paperback, 295x220 mm, 64 pages
Language: Welsh

When an intriguing Arumbaya sculpture, with its broken ear, is stolen, Tintin heads off on an adventure to the revolutionary and warring scenario of 1930s South America. His life is soon in peril, but, in a world where events change in an instant, Tintin finds clues to the answers he's been searching for amongst the native Arumbaya tribe.

Mae delw bren, √Ę'i chlust wedi'i thorri, wedi ei dwyn o'r Amgueddfa Ethnograffeg - lladrad sy'n tynnu Tintin i ganol cythrwfwl chwyldroadol a rhyfeloedd diddiwedd De America. Mae hi bron √Ę bod yn Amen ar Tintin sawl tro, ond trwy ddryswch helbulus yr ardal, a chymorth llwyth brodorol yr Arumbaya, daw Tintin i ddatrys dryswch y ddelw √Ę'r glust glec.
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