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Cyfres Clem: 6. Clem a'r Sgrin Fawr

Cyfres Clem: 6. Clem a'r Sgrin Fawr

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ISBN: 9781849673419 Publication Date February 2017
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly
Adapted/Translated by Luned Whelan.Format: Paperback, 182x128 mm, 96 pages Language: Welsh

Clem discovers a film set on the other side of the fence! When the two lead actors are injured, Clem and Syr Boblihosan are asked to take their places. Can they become movie stars with just the simple addition of a wig? Of course they can! The 6th title in a hilarious series, suitable for readers aged 6 years+ and KS2.

Un diwrnod, mae Clem yn darganfod set ffilm nepell o'i gartref. Pan gaiff y prif actorion eu hanafu, daw cyfle Clem a Syr Boblihosan i gymryd eu lle. Ai dyma eu hamser nhw i ddod yn sêr ffilm byd-enwog? Tawelwch ar y set! Cawn weld...
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