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Cyfres Deian a Loli: A'r Sêr Sy'n Cysgu

Cyfres Deian a Loli: A'r Sêr Sy'n Cysgu

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ISBN: 9781784616472

Publication Date December 2018
Publisher: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont

Illustrated by Nest Llwyd Owen

Format: Paperback, 225x224 mm, 36 pages

Language: Welsh

Deian and Loli don't want to go to sleep and go to look for food in the kitchen. As they look through the window, they notice that there isn't a star in the sky. They travel in a spaceship to try and discover the stars. On the golden planet they meet Madam Zera who knows everything about stars.

Dyw Deian a Loli ddim eisiau cysgu felly maen nhw'n mynd i nôl bwyd o'r gegin. Wrth edrych drwy'r ffenest, dyma nhw'n sylwi nad oes yr un seren yn yr awyr. Maen nhw'n mynd mewn llong ofod i drio darganfod y sêr. Ar y blaned aur maen nhw'n dod ar draws Madam Zera sy'n gwybod popeth am sêr.

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