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Cyfres Dilyn dy Fys: Dref, Y - Really Decent Books

Cyfres Dilyn dy Fys: Dref, Y - Really Decent Books

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Dewch am drip o gwmpas y dref gyda'ch ffrindiau newydd, trwy'r holl wahanol leoedd! Gyda'ch plentyn, dilynwch eich bys trwy'r ddrysfa droellog ar y tudalennau. Addasiad Cymraeg gan Lowri Head o Town.

English Description: Join new friends for a day trip around town, through various places! Your child will love exploring each grooved maze by tracing them with their fingers. Part of a 'follow your finger' series with die-cut paths to find the correct routes, introducing fine motor skills. Fun and bright illustrations with spotting and counting puzzles on each page. Illustrated by Barbi Sido.

ISBN: 9781849676212

Awdur/Author: Really Decent Books

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Rily

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2022-01-13

Tudalennau/Pages: 12

Iaith/Language: CY

Argaeledd/Availability: Available

Cyfnod Allweddol/Key Stage: 1

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