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Cyfres Nansi a Nel: Nansi a Nel a'r Ffordd Adref

Cyfres Nansi a Nel: Nansi a Nel a'r Ffordd Adref

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ISBN: 9781845214692

Publication Date July 2011
Publisher: CAA Cymru, Aberystwyth

Edited by Delyth Ifan

Illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz

Adapted/Translated by Catrin Elan.

Suitable for age 0-7 or Key Stage 1

Format: Paperback, 153x153 mm, 32 pages

Language: Welsh

The Mole Sisters are on their way home when it starts to snow. What fun! They stop to build snow moles, then continue on their way, only to realize they are lost. Seeking shelter inside a cave, the Mole Sisters hang with the bats and marvel at the stunning stalactites.

Mae Nansi a Nel, y tyrchod bywiog a chwareus, yn gweld pob sefyllfa ddiflas fel cyfle i gael ychydig o hwyl. Mae eu hoptimistiaeth yn heintus, a bydd eu hanturiaethau yn dod â gwên i wynebau plant bach ymhob man. Addasiad o The Mole Sisters and the Way Home.

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