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Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Ned a Moi yn Pysgota

Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Ned a Moi yn Pysgota

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ISBN: 9781784612207

Publication Date October 2015
Publisher: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont

Illustrated by Valeriane Leblond Suitable for age 0-7 or Key Stage 1

Format: Paperback, 210x148 mm, 24 pages Language: Welsh

Here's the third in a series of 5 learn to read books about Ned and his dog, for the Foundation Phase. There are a list of key words at the end of each book, and a set of activity cards and stories for the teacher to read will correspond with the stories.

Dyma'r trydydd mewn cyfres o 5 o lyfrau dysgu darllen hwyliog am Ned y Morwr a'i gi ar gyfer y Cyfnod Sylfaen. Bydd cardiau gweithgareddau a stor√Įau i'r athro eu darllen yn cyd-fynd √Ę'r gyfres.

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