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Cyfres Roli Poli: Pedro y Pengwin

Cyfres Roli Poli: Pedro y Pengwin

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ISBN: 9781785622526Publication Date October 2018
Publisher: Gwasg Gomer, Llandysul
Illustrated by Petra BrownFormat: Paperback, 195x127 mm, 46 pages Language: Welsh


Pedro looks like an ordinary penguin, sounds like an ordinary penguin and behaves like an ordinary penguin, but this is no ordinary penguin... One day, Pedro gets lost and is found by two small children, Caryl and Carlo, who look after him until he finds his way home.

Mae Pedro yn edrych fel pengwin arferol, yn swnio fel pengwin arferol ac yn bihafio fel pengwin arferol, ond nid pengwin arferol yw hwn... Un diwrnod aiff Pedro ar goll cyn cael ei ddarganfod gan ddau o blant bach, Caryl a Carlo, sy'n edrych ar ei ôl hyd nes iddo ganfod y ffordd adre.

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