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Cyfres Trio: Antur y Castell

Cyfres Trio: Antur y Castell

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ISBN: 9781912261598 Publication Date October 2018
Publisher: Atebol, Aberystwyth
Illustrated by Huw AaronSuitable for age 9-11. Format: Paperback, 210x148 mm, 76 pages Language: Welsh


The second novel in a trilogy by Manon Steffan Ros for teenagers with three lively characters at the centre of the story.

Stori am TRIO, grwp o ffrindiau sy'n caru antur ac sy'n benderfynol o achub y byd - wel, Cymru o leia'! Yr ail nofel yng nghyfres newydd Manon Steffan Ros gyda lluniau gan Huw Aaron!

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