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Cyfres Twm Clwyd: 5. Trîts Hynod Sbesial (Go Brin)

Cyfres Twm Clwyd: 5. Trîts Hynod Sbesial (Go Brin)

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ISBN: 9781849673549 Publication Date September 2018
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly
Adapted/Translated by Gwenno Hughes.Format: Paperback, 197x193 mm, 240 pages Language: Welsh

It's really cold outside and we're all hoping it's going to snow. Yeah! Derek and I could make a snow Rooster and have a snowball fight (look out, Delia!). Granny Mavis has started to knit me a new winter jumper, but by the looks of things I'm not sure it's going to fit...

Mae'n oer iawn tu allan ac mae Twm Clwyd yn gobeithio y daw hi'n eira er mwyn iddo gael brwydr beli eira gyda'i ffrind Derek. Mae ei nain wedi dechrau gwau siwmper aeaf iddo, ond mae'n ofni na fydd yn ei ffitio... Teitl arall yng nghyfres boblogaidd Twm Clwyd.


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