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Cyfres y Geiniog - Pecyn Cyflawn

Cyfres y Geiniog - Pecyn Cyflawn

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ISBN: 9781783900725Publication Date July 2015
Publisher: Canolfan Peniarth, Carmarthen
Edited by Elin Meek Illustrated by Rhiannon SparksSuitable for age 7-9+ or Key Stage 2/3 Format: Paperback Language: Welsh


A pack of four Welsh medium novels for children between 7 and 11 years old that supports financial education in line with the specific requirements of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. The series is also available in English, under the title 'Money Matters Series'.

Pecyn o bedair nofel Gymraeg ar gyfer plant 7-11 oed sy'n cefnogi addysg ariannol yn unol â gofynion penodol y Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd. Mae'r gyfres hefyd ar gael yn Saesneg dan y teitl 'Money Matters Series'.

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