Deinosoriaid Difyr Dylan: Y Tyranosorws Trafferthus E. T. Harper

Product Description

ISBN: 9781849671798 Publication Date April 2014
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly
Adapted/Translated by Elin Meek.Suitable for age 0-7 or Key Stage 1 Format: Paperback, 239x240 mm, 32 pages
Language: Bilingual (Welsh and English)

Dylan loves exploring and learning all about dinosaurs. In his amazing treehouse he has a magic journal. Every time he opens it awesome things happen. They fly off on dinosaur discovery missions to the Land of Living Dinosaurs. This time they are face to face with the most ferocious of them all - a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Mae Dylan wrth ei fodd yn dysgu am ddeinosoriaid. Bob tro mae'n agor ei lyfr cofnodion hud am ddeinosoriaid, mae pethau rhyfeddol yn digwydd, ac aiff ef a'i ffrind, Adenydd y Terodactyl tegan ar anturiaethau cyffrous i ddarganfod ffeithiau difyr am ddeinosoriaid o bob math. Y tro hwn, maent yn dysgu am y deinosor ffyrnicaf oll - y Tyranosorws Rex. Cynhwysir y cyfieithad Saesneg.
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