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Cyngor Llyfrau

Elen's Island

Elen's Island

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ISBN: 9781910080207

Publication Date June 2017
Publisher: Firefly Press Ltd, Cardiff

Illustrated by Gabby Grant

Suitable for age 7-9 or Key Stage 2

Format: Paperback, 198x129 mm, 160 pages

Language: English

When her parents send her to stay with a grandmother she hardly knows for the summer, Elen is furious. Gran lives on a tiny island and doesn't want her either - it's not an easy start. But after saving Gran in a storm, Elen finds a picture that she's sure is a clue to hidden treasure... Reprint. First Published in 2015.

Dyw Elen ddim yn hapus o gwbwl pan gaiff ei hanfon i aros at ei nain ar ynys fechan, ond wedi iddi ddechrau archwilio'r ynys gyda help map a gaiff gan ei nain, mae'n syrthio mewn cariad â'r lle. Tybed a fydd hi'n darganfod trysor? Ailargraffiad. Cyhoeddwyd yn gyntaf yn 2015.

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