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Here Are Lovers - Hilda Vaughan

Here Are Lovers - Hilda Vaughan

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Stori Laetitia Wingfield, merch hardd a llengar i Sgweiar Wingfield, a'i pherthnas â Gronwy Griffith, mab i denantiaid Cymreig sy'n dyheu am gael bod yn ysgolhaig.

English Description: 'The poor are free in no country, ma'am, and under no laws.' Opening in the spring of 1866, Here are Lovers is the story of Laetitia Wingfield, the beautiful and bookish daughter of the local Anglicised Squire Wingfield, and Gronwy Griffith, the son of one of his Welsh tenant farmers, who longs to be a classical scholar.

ISBN: 9781906784447

Awdur/Author: Hilda Vaughan

Cyhoeddwr/Publisher: Honno

Dyddiad Cyhoeddi/Publication Date: 2012-09-07

Tudalennau/Pages: 308

Iaith/Language: EN

Argaeledd/Availability: Available

Cyfnod Allweddol/Key Stage: X

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