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Huddy - The Official Biography of Alan Hudson

Huddy - The Official Biography of Alan Hudson

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ISBN: 9781902719573

Publication Date: October 2017

Publisher: St. David's Press
Format: Paperback, 235x157 mm, 256 pages

Language: English

Huddy, lovingly written by his friend Jason Pettigrove, describes Alan Hudson's determined fight for life and how his single-mindedness enabled him, along with the brilliance of the NHS and the support of close family and friends, to recover from horrendous injuries and rebuild his life. Alan's fascinating story is one that has never been fully told ... until now. 62 images.

Cofiant swyddogol y pêl-droediwr Alan Hudson yw Huddy. Cofnodir ei fagwraeth yn Llundain, ac uchafbwyntiau ei yrfa gyda thimau Chelsea, Stoke, Arsenal, Seattle Sounders a Lloegr. Er iddo dderbyn anafiadau difrifol a beryglodd ei fywyd wedi iddo gael ei daro gan gar yn 1997, llwyddodd i oroesi yn erbyn pob disgwyliad. 62 o luniau.

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