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ISBN: 9781849673839

Publication Date July 2017
Publisher: Rily, Hengoed

Adapted/Translated by Eleri Huws.

Suitable for age 0-7.

Format: Paperback, 254x254 mm, 32 pages

Language: Welsh

Once upon a time, there was a lonely old man called Geppetto. He wished that he had a son to love and keep him company, so he carved himself a puppet that looked just like a little boy and called it Pinocchio. Join Pinocchio on his adventures in this retelling of Carlo Collodi'r classic tale. A Welsh adaptation by Eleri Huws for Early Years and Foundation Phase children.

Un tro, amser maith yn ôl, roedd hen ŵr o'r enw Geppetto yn byw ar ei ben ei hun. 'Trueni nad oes gen i blentyn i'w garu ac i gadw cwmni i mi,' meddai. Felly, aeth Geppetto ati i gerfio pyped o bren. Roedd e'n edrych 'run ffunud â bachgen bach. 'Pinocchio fydd dy enw di,' meddai'r hen ŵr wrtho. Addasiad Cymraeg Eleri Huws o stori glasurol boblogaidd i blant bach.

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