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Rhydd (CD) - Kizzy Crawford

Rhydd (CD) - Kizzy Crawford

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A highly personal album, on so many levels. The whole album was recorded, produced and mixed by Kizzy at her home studio and she also plays every instrument. The songs, some composed several years ago and kept under wraps for a while, and others more recently composed, all reflect Kizzy’s inner journey from feeling lost to starting to understand and accept herself for who she is. A series of difficult and traumatic experiences led to a need for healing and sharing and through her music Kizzy has been able to find the freedom that comes with growth and confidence. Through her unique combination of Welsh language soul-funk jazz she takes us on a sincere and enthralling journey to a mindset with no boundaries and no barriers. Vocally and instrumentally experimenting with rhythm and melody her songs constantly succeed to break down conventions, always surprising and inspiring the listener, while also evoking a wide range of emotions.

A mature and inventive performer and composer who has breathed new life to the scene here in Wales, this album will definitely confirm her standing as one of the best musical artists around.

Tracks -

01. Deifio

02. 70 Milltir yr Awr

03. Breuddwydion

04. Fy Ngelyn

05. Sgleinio

06. Deall

07. Llwch ngen ei Glirio

08. Dal yn Dynn

09. Rhydd

10. Fy Ngolau

11. Sbio

12. Enquanto Ha Vida, Ha Esperance

13. Pwy Dwi Eisiau Bod. 

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