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Secret Tales from Wales Daniel Morden

Secret Tales from Wales Daniel Morden

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ISBN: 9781785623219 Publication Date May 2019
Publisher: Gwasg Gomer, Cardiff
Illustrated by Brett BreckonFormat: Paperback, 183x124 mm, 88 pages
Language: English

A collection of eight essentially unfamiliar folk stories which Daniel Morden has come across during his travels as a storyteller and retold in his own very distinctive style. A bringing together of magicians and masons, blacksmiths, beggars and royalty, in an exploration of luck, cleverness and secrets. First printed in hardback in 2017.

Casgliad hyfryd o wyth chwedl llai cyfarwydd gan y stor√Įwr nodedig Daniel Morden, yn archwilio lwc, medr a chyfrinachau. Argraffwyd yn wreiddiol yn glawr caled yn 2017.
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