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Tedi Amser Gwely

Tedi Amser Gwely

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ISBN: 9781849673860

Publication Date December 2017
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly

Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Adapted/Translated by Mari George.

Format: Hardback, 207x207 mm, 12 pages

Language: Welsh

Bedtime isn't bedtime without your favourite bear - and Tom's bear is on his way! Follow Bear on his adventures as he finds his way back to Tom, from cycling through the jungle with a tiger to hitching a lift with a sheep on a jeep. Enjoy the lift the flaps and lovely rhyming story throughout. Suitable for young children. A Welsh adaptation of The Bedtime Book by Mari George.

Dydy amser gwely byth yr un peth heb dy arth wrth dy ochr - ac mae arth Tom ar y ffordd! Dilyn Arth ar antur wrth iddo geisio teithio'n ôl at Tom, gan seiclo drwy'r jyngl gyda theigr a chael reid gan ddafad mewn jîp. Addasiad Cymraeg Mari George o'r llyfr codi llabedi hwyliog The Bedtime Book.

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