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To Stand by the Sickbed

To Stand by the Sickbed

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ISBN: 9781784616984

Publication Date May 2019
Publisher: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont

Format: Paperback, 215x140 mm, 416 pages

Language: English

To Stand by the Sickbed describes the development of medical services in the Swansea and Neath districts, drawing on what is known of the work of doctors who practised there from the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. It contains biographical details concerning 310 doctors and some photographs.

Mae To Stand by the Sickbed yn disgrifio'r datblygiadau ym maes gwasanaethau meddygol yn ardaloedd Abertawe a Chastell-nedd o'r 17eg ganrif hyd at ddiwedd yr 19eg ganrif. Cynhwysir manylion bywgraffyddol am 310 o feddygon a rhai lluniau.

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