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Y Twits - Roald Dahl

Y Twits - Roald Dahl

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ISBN: 9781849673396 Publication Date September 2016
Publisher: Rily, Caerphilly
Illustrated by Quentin BlakeFormat: Paperback, 198x129 mm, 112 pages
Language: Welsh

With filthy hair all over his face and horrid plots growing in his mind, Mr Twit is one of the nastiest people you'll ever meet and Mrs Twit is just as bad and even uglier! But they don't stop at tricking each other. Neighbouring children, and even the local birds, are in danger. That's where the Muggle-Wumps come in. A Welsh adaptation of The Twits by Elin Meek.

Mae Mr Twit, gyda'i wallt brwnt dros ei wyneb i gyd a chynllwynion cas yn ei feddwl, yn un o'r bobl fwyaf atgas y byddi di byth yn cwrdd ag ef ac mae Mrs Twit lawn cynddrwg a hyd yn oed yn hyllach! Ond nid dim ond chwarae triciau ar ei gilydd maen nhw: mae'r plant a'r adar lleol hyd yn oed mewn perygl, a dyna lle mae'r Mygl-Wympiaid yn dod i'r stori.
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