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Y Pump Hyll

Y Pump Hyll

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ISBN: 9781784231033Publication Date May 2018
Publisher: Dref Wen, Cardiff
Illustrated by Axel SchefflerAdapted/Translated by Gwynne Williams.Format: Paperback, 230x300 mm, 32 pages Language: Welsh


Come and meet the tusked boar, the vulture and the gnu, and don't forget the hyena and the Marabou stork... A Welsh adaptation of The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson which is a jubilant celebration in lively rhyme of the five ugliest animals in Africa.

Dewch i gwrdd â'r baedd ysgithrog, y fwltur a'r gnw, heb anghofio'r haïna a'r storc Marabw... Addasiad Cymraeg o The Ugly Five gan Julia Donaldson sy'n ddathliad llawen mewn mydr ac odl hwyliog am y pum creadur hyllaf yn yr Affrig.

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